Portable Oscilloscope Makes Waves

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –March 28, 2013-- Matthew Navarro is a deployed US Navy Sailor aboard the USS Gridley, a guided missile destroyer. But being the electronics wizard aboard a ship has inherent challenges. Navarro said, "We regularly have to run around the ship and perform repairs on installed equipment and the only oscilloscope we have for functional checking and measurement is a 45 lb bench top unit, and we're out of luck if there is no electrical socket." He was able to replace what he accurately termed a "behemoth of a scope" with Oscium's iPad oscilloscope which weighs a grand total of three ounces. The iPad Oscilloscope, called iMSO-104, attaches to the charging port of the iPad. And, it does not have a battery; it uses the power from the tablet so there is no need for an outlet. With the small size and no need for charging, this sailor is agile enough to address all repair issues on the ship regardless of where it is located. For that, Navarro has this to say about his new tool, "I'm loving the oscope!"

Oscium's iPad oscilloscope won an R&D 100 award designating it as one of the 100 most technologically significant products of 2012. But who would have thought that it might change the way the navy uses scopes. At under $300, a compelling argument could be made. Could this technology replace what the navy is using today?