WiPry 5x Upgrade Terms

Discounted option available for previous customers during a limited time only. To thank you for being part of the Oscium family, you can receive 100% credit for previous WiPry purchases. Our goal with the upgrade is making sure each customer is taken care of not just for one transaction but as part of a long term relationship.


Proof of WiPry purchase required. This means you must:

  1. Provide a picture of yourself (or a recent project) with your WiPry hardware in action.
  2. Each WiPry upgraded requires a separate photo.
  3. Picture must be posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc).
  4. Must include #iamoscium on post to receive credit.
  5. Provide Oscium a way of connecting your #iamoscium post with your purchase. This can be as simple as providing your twitter handle in the comments section of your purchase.
Credit applies to WiPry hardware purchase only. It does not include shipping or supplemental accessory purchases. And, yes, you can keep your current WiPry. Why? Because. You. Are. Oscium.

Examples of How Credit Works. Here are a couple of examples of how the credit works: (1) A purchase made in 2011 for WiPry-Spectrum ($99) will result in a $99 discount off of WiPry 5x purchase, making the net cost $400. (2) A purchase of WiPry-Pro made in 2015 ($199) will result in a $199 discount off of WiPry 5x purchase, making the total $300. Upgrade only applies to previous purchases prior to pre-release of WiPry 5x

Discount Codes. For the credit to apply during the checkout process, use the following discount codes (based on the WiPry you own):

  • WiPry-Spectrum
  • WiPry-Power
  • WiPry-Combo
  • WiPry-Pro
  • WiPry-Pro Combo
The amount of your discount will equal the list price of each product regardless of what you actually paid. List prices are: WiPry-Spectrum = $99, WiPry-Power = $149, WiPry-Combo = $199, WiPry-Pro = $199, WiPry-Pro Combo $299. If you own multiple products, you can only use one code for each unit purchased. There is no limit on the number of units that can be upgraded, but only one credit will be applied per unit purchased. For discount codes WiPry-Power, WiPry-Combo and WiPry-Pro Combo a copy of the original purchase invoice will be required to receive credit. Emails must be sent to support@oscium.com. No additional documentation will be required for WiPry-Spectrum or WiPry-Pro. A photo on social media will suffice. Photo must include you or a most recent project and the WiPry hardware in action.