Power Meters

Frequency, Timing & Power

Until recently, making frequency, power, and timing measurements required three separate test equipment setups. With WiPry-Pro Combo, one setup does it all. Mariano Kimbara (Frost & Sullivan) recognized Oscium as having a "competitive advantage over similar industry solutions, lower[ing] operational costs in comparison with other products used."

Measure Pulse Width & Duty Cycle

Just like an oscilloscope that measures voltage over time, Oscium's power meter captures time based events. Analyze signals for pulse width, duty cycle, and settling time. Measure transmission efficiency with peak power and peak-to-average power as well as transmit on and off times. This is extremely powerful for protocol verification and troubleshooting wireless devices. Data is collected at up to 50MSPS allowing you to analyze and verify the smallest protocol level on/off times.

Conducted Measurements

WiPry-Pro Combo comes with an antenna that is centered at 2.45 GHz, but the power meter has range that extends from 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz. For radiated power measurements at other frequencies, use your own antenna. But remember, most antennas are either SMA or RP-SMA so you'll need to convert our SMB connector. For direct power measurements, Oscium provides a conducted measurement kit enabling you to directly connect to your RF source.

Best Return on Investment

Oscium's WiPry family of products is ranked as the #1 most innovative solution and best value in the market. Read the entire report here:

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Getting Started

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For more information on how to get the most out of this tool, see it in action on Oscium's blog or visit the FAQ.