WiPry-Spectrum Reviews

Looking for a spectrum analyzer for your iOS device? Wonder if it's got what you need? We've collected a few reviews of WiPry-Spectrum that might help you do the analysis:


Mark Julier, Managing Director of DigitalAir Wireless Networks did a review of the product. It is titled, "WiPry-Spectrum spectrum analyzer for the iPhone iPad."

Industry Analyst Mariano Kimbara of Frost & Sullivan has analyzed WiPry-Spectrum. This analysis compares WiPry to the competition and it includes a variety of categories which include: (1) Innnovative Element of Product (2) Leverage of Leading-edge Technologies (3) Value Added Features/Benefits (5) Increased Customer ROI and finally (6) Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential. The entire report can be be found here:
PDF icon Frost & Sullivan Best Practices