WiPry 5x Reviews

Interested in WiPry 5x but want to do a little research before purchasing? Here's some additional information that will help:

James Scherz with NCTI did an eight minute review of the product as part of his Wired Wisdom Tech Talk series. Click here to view the video.

SC-WiFi blog by Sam Clements (CWNE #101 – CCIE #40629) asks the question: "Does the world need another spectrum analyzer?" Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!

Lee Badman is a network architect and widely published industry analyst. He's somewhat active on twitter with over 50,000 tweets. Lee wrote an article titled: Oscium Delivers a Nice Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer for iDevices. And proudly includes WiPry in his wireless network toolbox (along with some other pretty awesome tools as well).

Brian Bergeron had a general observation of the Oscium product line but since he mentions the spectrum analyzer, the link is included. The title of the article is, "Traveling Light".

As a footnote, the product has been reviewed and recognized as a finalist for the following:

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