Using iPhone to Display Signal Level Graphs, RSSI, & SNR

Oscium's WiPry-Pro transforms your iOS device into exactly what you need to for all things Wi-Fi. Here are some examples.

Signal Level Graphs & Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)

Signal level graphs are available from the real wave view. The cursors provide an exact measurement of each transmission and their signal level. The level pictured here is -45.43 dBm. SNR is calculated using the same technique. In this example the SNR ratio is 53.35 dBm. This image was taken on an iPhone 5.
Real Wave View.png


RSSI is visualized below. Hebel_2.4 has an RSSI value of -43 dBm. This image was taken on an iPhone 5.
AP Utilization View.png

Take Pictures & Annotate

Live events can be captured and stored in photos or emailed to a supervisor for help. These images are also possible to annotate using the email feature inside the WiPry app. This image was taken on an iPad mini.