Using iPad to Report Security Mode

So why do you do care which security mode you're using on your AP? We all know it can affect security (duh!). But did you know it can also affect speed? When legacy devices (another word for really old devices) are connected to an AP, it can wreak havoc on your wireless environment. You can obviously login to the router or you can see that same information on your iPad...without having to login. This will impress your hard-to-impress friends, especially when you show them that you have that level of visibility on your iPad. Here's a snapshot of how to show the security mode on your iPad:

Oscium's WiPry-Pro shows the security mode of each radio. Again, the xfinitywifi SSID has no security so it's listed as OPEN. Hebel_2.4 has security of WPA2. This image was taken on an iPad mini.