Using iPad to Report Channel Utilization & Capacity

This is a great way to bring spectrum analysis down to the bottom shelf. Doesn't matter how much you know about packets or signal-to-noise ratio, everyone understands an F. Because everyone has had one. Right? Okay. Maybe not. But everyone understands that an F is bad. And that's what channel grading does. It translates the wireless landscape into a grade. So, if you're living in an apartment complex where there's wireless congestion, it's now possible to see how a specific router scores in it's environment. Of course, if you walk too far away from your router, your signal is less reliable (that would be an F, like what's pictured below for AP Home-08F8).

Oscium's WiPry-Pro is capable of reporting channel utilization and capacity as illustrated here. Home-08F8 is ranked as an F with a grade of 52%. This image was taken on an iPad. Utilization.PNG

Gotta love this feature because everyone can understand it. So how does your wireless environment rank? Does your AP get a passing grade?