Using iPad to Identify the Number of SSIDs Per Channel

"Why can't I access SSID's on my iPad (or iPhone)? An Android device gives me that."

It's true. When using an iOS device (like iPad or an iPhone), it's not possible to access the internal network card inside your phone. It's restricted throughout the entire platform. The exception to this is Apple's own Airport Utility but that access is not open to 3rd party developers. The visibility on the Airport Utility is super limited but there is some visibility (kind of like an Easter egg if you can find it). Of course, Android gives you access through 3rd party apps. Oscium enables you to graphically view SSIDs per channel with Oscium's WiPry-Pro. The reason Oscium can display SSID's when it's normally restricted is because Oscium does not access the internal network card inside your phone or tablet. Oscium is an approved MFi (fancy abbreviation for Made for iPod) manufacturer. What does that mean? It means Oscium received pre-approval from Apple to design a way to provide this feature to customers. And the only way to do it is externally. It was a huge engineering effort but it was a feature that we knew was important. And it makes us smile to give our customers what they really want. away. SSID's are now available on an iPad, iPhone.

Oscium's WiPry-Pro showing the number of SSIDs per channel using an iPad: