Using iPad to Export Spectral Data in CSV Format

So why would you post-process data from your spectrum analyzer? can. That's why. Or, you want to use the data as a reference point so that if a future visit is needed, there will be a 'birth certificate' for that particular location. Here's how to create a data log in three easy steps.

Pre-requisite for the course
Oscium's WiPry-Pro is capable of exporting data as a csv file (so plug WiPry-Pro into your iPad).

Step #1

First, log the data.
Data Log2.png

Step #2

To manage the data, tap on 'manage data'. Data can either be emailed or accessed using iTunes (under the share files section). Both options are highlighted here.
Data Log_Email_Cropped.PNG Data Log_iTunes_Cropped.PNG

Step #3

The CSV file is now accessible. An example of the raw data is featured below:

CSV Data Log.PNG