Transform iPad Mini into Handheld RF Power Meter

This picture shows a conducted measurement test setup using iPad Mini and WiPry-Combo. The extension cord between iPad Mini and WiPry-Combo affords users much needed flexibility in positioning the DUT with respect to the measurement instruments. In this case, the iPad Mini can be placed in a safe place where it’s not directly in the middle of the test equipment. The extension also lets users place the iOS Test device in a position and orientation that could make taking the measurements a little easier that if it was rigidly attached to the iPad Mini. This is one more example of the Oscium-led evolution in test equipment.

Lightning Adapter Works With WiPry, LogiScope and iMSO

Apple introduced the new Lightning connector with the release of their newest devices: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The innovators at Oscium are keeping pace with industry partners and sell a connector/adapter/extension cord that gives iPad Mini owners access to the suite of the iOS Test measurement instruments, including:

  • WiPry-Combo - RF peak power and Wi-Fi frequency spectrum analysis
  • iMSO-104 - digital oscilloscope for one analog and four digital channels
  • LogiScope - digital/logic network analyzer with 16 channels

The figure below is an inter-connect schematic that shows how easy it is for users to incorporate iPad Mini and the new adapter/extension cable into their measurement setups. Unlike the legacy 30-pin connector from previous generations of iPod, iPhone, and now iPad, the new Lightning connector isn’t keyed with a top and bottom at the point of insertion.