LogiScope Reviews

Interested in researching more about LogiScope? You've come to the right place. Four independent reviews of the iPad logic analyzer have been collected to help make it easier for you to do your research. They are highlight below:


Product review completed by Bob Casiano of EEWeb. The title of the article is: "A Logic Analyzer for the iPad!"


Product review completed by Biran Dipert of EDN Network. His review is titled, "Oscium's LogiScope: Not Quite the second coming of Star Wars, but still a new testing hope". 


Article written by Bryan Bergeron. Not only is he the Editor of Nuts and Volts he's also an MD. His article is more of a general observation of our entire product line but since he mentions LogiScope, we are including the link. The title of the article is, "Traveling Light".  


Article written by Brian McLaughlin, NASA engineer by day and GeekDad blog writer by night. The title of the article is, "Oscium Introduces a Logic Analyzer."