iMSO-204L Reviews

Interested in iMSO-204L but want to do a little research before purchasing? EE Times has a couple of good looks at the product and they have been organized here for your viewing pleasure (just click on the logo or the link for the full review):


    Article written by Martin Rowe titled "iOS Oscilloscope Gets a Second Channel".
  • And on March 12, 2014 another article was written titled "Oscilloscope Interfaces: Somebody Listened to Me." The best part about this article is when the distinguished author admits to asking every oscilloscope company that makes a scope "when are you going to make your oscilloscopes work like the Oscium?"

  • Article written by Bryan Bergeron. Not only is he the Editor of Nuts and Volts he's also an MD. His article is more of a general observation of our entire product line but since he mentions our oscilloscope, we are including the link. The title of the article is, "Traveling Light".