Converting LogiScope CSV Datalog to View Files

Have you ever wanted to view a LogiScope CSV File using an existing waveform viewer? It's now possible using PulseView!

If you're interested in downloading the sigrok script for LogiScope, it's available for you here.

Here's an example of what you can expect of this script:

LogiScope Waveform (with hardware plugged into iPad)
LogiScope Hardware.JPG

Datalogging is possible but the CSV File is raw data, which is fine for some applications. But, if you want to view the waveform again, you'll need to convert the raw data. Lucky for you, this has already been done. Here is the result:

PulseView (converted LogiScope CSV File) PulseView.png

Thank you to Peter Hizalev, our personal hero, for adding LogiScope support. Peter is just like most of you, brilliant and changing the world. He works as a CTO in a small SaaS startup in the Bay Area and is responsible for both software engineering and operations. That is probably why he's using GitHub to manage his code!

His interest in electronics comes from his early childhood when his grandfather, Michael Hizalev, took the time to explain the theory behind circuits. They would spend countless hours building simple electronic devices. As many of you know, hardware is a fantastic coding foundation. Today, Peter lives in the software world (for his day job). But given his background, he is keenly interested in the evolution of computer architecture and its effects on software. He follows developments of ARM and Intel CPUs, Linux kernel and various virtual machines. Recently, he decided to dust off some of his electronics and low-level machine coding skills by building a simple 4-bit CPU from very basic logic ICs like counters, ALU, EEPROMs, registers, etc. According to Peter, this is where Logiscope, "comes in extremely handy to debug these circuits. Great product! I wish we had something like it back in the day with my grandfather."