Lightning Adapter (extended)

Starting with the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, Apple has changed the default connector from the 30-pin dock connector to the Lightning Connector. Oscium's products are all fully compatible with the new connector but an adapter is required. The new Lightning Adapter, listed for sale here, will convert the 30-pin dock connector on our device into the Lightning Connector, so that it can sync with your newest iOS devices.

Not only does this adapter convert you from 30-pin to Lightning but it also serves as an extension cord. For those using iMSO & LogiScope, the extension cord can be quit useful in providing a little distance between your iOS device and your device under test. This extension cord provides approximately eight inches of distance between the 30-pin connector and the lightning connector.

Lightning adapters are not required on our newer models: WiPry 5x or iMSO-204L.

Best price is available by purchasing directly from Apple (currently $39 USD).